Manufacturing with Quality

Your products will be manufactured to the highest cGMP quality standards. We are an FDA registered facility with industry leading quality assurance and product testing.

  • Preparing for OTC qualifications as a drug manufacturer – completion in 2020.
  • Modern machinery with high capacity as well as small run capabilities
  • Production facility located in St. Petersburg Florida.

Flexible Packaging

We offer a broad range of packaging formats and options. We can also source the right packaging that meets your brand’s specifications.

  • Broad range of bottle formats
  • Broad range of bottle caps
  • Broad range of styles and colors

Fulfillment: Lowering Shipping Costs

We have fulfillment centers in Florida, Utah and UK. This allows us to offer:

  • Low pick & pack costs
  • Low USPS rates

We have the ability to ship pallets, cases, or eaches (DTC).

eCommerce Consulting

The vast majority of CBD/Hemp is sold online in the USA.  We can offer guidance and advice on how to maximize your online sales:

  • Digital Strategy Advice
  • Customer Data
  • Credit Card Processing

We have the ability to get your up and running quickly.

World-class consumer insight support

You can’t build a successful brand without understanding your consumer.  We have  partnered with Instore Research to better understand the CBD shopper/consumer.

  • Why do they buy?
  • How do they buy?
  • What are the key behaviors of CBD shoppers?
  • What do CBD consumers take into consideration before choosing a brand?

Instore Research is a leading research company within the CBD category. They have a long track record of success.

Brand Development: Helping Your Brand Stand-out.

How do I differentiate my brand in the minds of CBD shoppers/consumers? We believe that branding begins with a complete understanding of the consumer.

We have partnered with Instore Research Inc & Bridgemark to provide best-in-class packaging and branding advice. Both Instore Research & Bridgemark are leaders in their fields.

What are EDI Transactions?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, in a standard electronic format, between trading partners. In today’s business environment, EDI is the most commonly used technology for B2B ecommerce. It’s a game-changer for B2B integration across all industries and a key enabler of digital transformation for many supply chains and businesses.

At Eagle Labs we understand the importance of not only accepting orders from Retailers, but using systems that insure all information is correct. That is why we have expanded our warehousing and manufacturing capabilities by offering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to our retail partners.